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How to achieve work-life balance in 4 steps

If you're a busy leader and having a difficult time achieving a work-life balance, you are not alone. This 4 step Daily Shutdown Routine can help. It enables you to turn it off at the end of the day and transition from work life to personal life.

According to Family Living Today Work/Life Balance In The Modern Era (Infographic), 66% of full-time employees in America do not strongly believe that they have a work-life balance.

Adding the shutdown routine daily is a step in the right direction in gaining your balance. By following these 4 steps and asking yourself the right questions, you move from where you are (work) to where you want to be (personal life). It helps put the focus on yourself and not on the actual state of transition.

This routine works whether you are working from home or the office.

Give yourself 15 minutes before the end of your workday to complete the routine.

Follow the steps below asking yourself the questions listed to help you assess each area. The answers will provide you with the opportunity to make the shift you want.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Review the Workday

How did it go?

What did I progress on?

What are the lessons learned?

Outstanding Tasks? Unfinished & New Business?

Step 2: Prioritize & Plan the Next Workday

What is my most important priority?

What actions will move me forward?

What are my next steps?

Step 3: Celebrate Today's Progress

Small wins?

Biggest win?

What am I most grateful for?

Step 4: Set an Evening Intention

What mindset do I want to bring for the rest of my day?

What one or two things do I want to do with my evening?

Download Greater Good Leadership Coaching's Shutdown Routine Worksheet to utilize while performing your daily shutdown. Use it to record your answers during each step.

If done routinely, you will determine your completed and outstanding tasks, lay the groundwork for another productive day, celebrate your daily successes, and stop thinking about work once your workday ends. It enables you to be present in all parts of your life and assists you in achieving the balance you seek.

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